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Oath is a subsidiary of the Verizon Company, recently merged by Yahoo and AOL. 

We are a leader in digital and mobile media with a global house of 50+ brands shaping the digital future.

Oath is a promise, a vow, a commitment to do something important. In 2017, it became our name. Oath represents the commitment we've made to building brands and it honors the promises we make to each other, our partners, clients and the world every day.

Our employees, brands, clients and partners have all made their own three-word oaths that sum up the commitments they live by. Hustle with heart, Be the change, Make a difference—those are just a few of the thousands of oaths that continue to pour in. For each one of us, those words act as a clear and powerful reminder of what we are all about.

To define what Oath itself is committed to, we set out eight essential company values. After months of listening, writing, soul searching, rewriting and gut-checking, we landed on these galvanizing statements. They are the touchstones for how we create, code, build brands, give back and lead the future.

Put consumers first

The only judge of our success is our consumer, period.

We before me

We go further together. We will build our company and our future as a team.

Raise the bar

You're a builder. The 11th rep matters.

Speak the truth

Transparency builds trust, and trust builds love.

Create what's next

We revolutionized the internet. And we'll never stop innovating.

Right not easy

This is simple: behave in ways we are proud of.

Call to action

Answer the call. Do your part. Here and everywhere.

Commit to inclusion

Be yourself. Build together.

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